“PERMACULTURE is a design science. It is a system that supplies all the needs of humanity-all the basic needs and all the intricate needs in a way that also benefits all the elements in nature”

Geoff Lawton

Semilla Besada is a non-profit association located on an original finca in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada Spain with a growing food-forest. Currently we are renovating the house so that in the near future we will be able to provide unique and quality education about the study and application of the beneficial effects with permaculture design. At 1350m above sea-level a  sustainable project for the Alpujarra region in the town of  Lanjaron, Granada province.

With the cooperation of

Starting from the idea that the world is constantly changing, we believe that to ‘shape a better future’ the future of payments will be different from what we use today. The evolution of technology has led us to manage our daily lives through PC, smartphone and tablet: from communication to social life, shopping on e-commerce, management of banking relationships and more. On the one hand there is a global financial system that became unstable and prone to inflation and devaluation. This results in a depletion of the population and the environment but the other side is being born a new sustainable, constructive world represented by digital currency and permaculture.
 This is the future and we have taken this great opportunity.

After careful analysis, we decided to join the project ONELIFE becoming promoters of digital currency OneCoin to fund our regenerative permaculture research farm.

Our  foremost function is to educate, facilitate, inform and empower people into action through regenerative design. Our secondary responsibility is regenerating landscapes, ecosystem processes and soils.

We aim to offer professional trainings and collaborate with some of the leading Permacultue & holistic management teachers, to offer the next generation of restoration agriculturists the right education. Aiming to demonstrate viable regenerative economy & livelihood.

Semilla Besada will become a perfect place to experience applied permaculture with abundant results in a natural semi-arid environment!

Inspired to join this master-plan?  

You can with OneLife or come and live close to us: land for sale!

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 “I believe nature is a force of good.  Good is not only a concept, it is a spirit.  So hopefully the spirit of goodness will survive!”

Paul Stamets


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