“PERMACULTURE is a design science. It is a system that supplies all the needs of humanity-all the basic needs and all the intricate needs in a way that also benefits all the elements in nature”

Geoff Lawton

Semilla Besada is a Permaculture research farm in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada Spain with a growing food-forest. At 1350m above sea-level a  sustainable project for the Alpujarra region in the town of  Lanjaron, Granada province.

We aim to offer professional trainings and collaborate with some of the leading Permacultue & holistic management teachers, to offer the next generation of restoration agriculturists the right education. Aiming to demonstrate viable regenerative economy & livelihood.

Our  foremost responsibility is regenerating landscapes, ecosystem processes and soils. Our secondary function is to educate, facilitate, inform and empower people into action through regenerative design.

A perfect place to experience applied permaculture with abundant results in a natural semi-arid environment!

Inspired to join this master-plan?  There is more ‘land for sale’!

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 “I believe nature is a force of good.  Good is not only a concept, it is a spirit.  So hopefully the spirit of goodness will survive!”

Paul Stamets


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