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Billions in Change

This is a documentary about real investigation and research. Techniques that could change the world from it’s present state of degradation into a healthy peaceful and balanced nature.

These solutions will make our present “ruling madness” driven by power, corruption and greed, completely obsolete and powerless.

New management in a 3D mindset is the new way to think and design economy. The new mind-blowing and simple designs will replace our destructive and inefficient way of living into a caring abundant and healing society, which provides the basic needs for any person on this planet without depleting our resources.

New designs are made by passionate persons not necessarily by the amount of the salary nor the number of diplomas. Solutions that create liberty and health for every human on this planet , do exist NOW !!!


Foreign Lizard spotted at Semilla Besada

This lizard “Gallotia Galloti“, has its habitat on the Canary Islands according to wikipedia. It was spotted multiple times at Semilla Besada.

We’ve noticed little ones as well. The food forest probably provides a good habitat. This one came probably by boat.

Lizard Gallotia Galloti
Lizard Galloti Gallotina posing at Semilla Besada

Newcomers at Semilla Besada

Recently our neighbour Sarah from Caballo Blanco provided us five new geese!  Now they will help to graze (six geese + one gander = grazing of one cow!) , fertilize the land, provide eggs and meat!  They love their pond, in the summer heat it’s rare to see them out of it!