Not only the farm Semilla Besada is aiming to re-green and reforest, some neighbours are also sharing the same goals in self-sufficiency and sustainability! So bit by bit the association will restore this  beautiful landscape with exceptional fauna & flora. The goal is to re-green the overgrazed land on ‘La Chaparra’ mountain-slope with the use of organic farming techniques, more trees and holistic planned  grazing animals. More permaculture inspired people are wanted to make this masterplan come true!   If you are interested, have a look at our ‘Land for Sale’ page.

Cortijo ‘Semilla Besada
Inge & Bastian
Cortijo ‘Chaparraiso
el chaparraiso
Steph, Jasper & Charlotte

Cortijo ‘La Chaparra

Peter & Nella

Permaculture Research Farm