Cortijo Chaparraíso

In 2012, sick of all negativity, we; Jasper (NL) & Steph (GER) decided to look for something positive and we made a trip through Europe. Visiting all kinds of places where people live in an alternative, off-grid and permaculture way. During this trip we made short films about inspiring people who showed us their little paradises. If you want to have a look, check out our blog

The trip finally led us to a beautiful piece of land on a mountain slope in the Sierra Nevada. In 2013 we moved from the Netherlands to Spain to turn this abandoned land into our self sufficient dream place. The land was as a blank page to us when we arrived so we had to start from scratch to create the basic needs and some luxury. We have dug, built, planted, created and discovered a lot since we have moved. It is has been a truly inspiring and fulfilling experience.

Since 2014 it’s not just the two of us anymore: Charlotte is our new mountain dweller. With her by our site we even more enjoy the time and freedom we have here in this new life.

Steph, Jasper & Charlotte

Permaculture Research Farm