Why OneLife & Semilla Besada

Semilla Besada is a pilot project to encourage and bring the evolution of humanity towards a sustainable, freer world with respect for nature.

In love is the answer, and to that end we have now the communication technology available worldwide.

Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, forums, websites, …  today all information is available in our living rooom. That is what this age of technology has brought us.

Now we have reached the point, after many centuries of wars, that we can destroy up to 100 times the planet earth with todays weapons. With one press of a button, we can now guarantee the next generations a life of nothing but misery.

Our ancestors fought hard to give everyone a voice and thus to create the free democratic West. Many have suffered and lost their lives to make this happen. But unfortunately it did not stop the wars.

We need a new revolution!

Who creates the money holds all the power. Today is that power by the banks. Thanks to us, the people, who give value to that out of ‘thin air’ created money we give them that power. We can return power to the people and bring it to whom it belongs and create a better and peaceful future worldwide. A new step in our human evolution on earth. A financial tool, independent from banks and governments, created by the people for the people, this vision increases  access to healthy food, meaningful education, free energy and not manipulated media.

Now we have such a financial tool, a virtual currency created by a company with a vision for a better world. OneLife has a vision to give people worldwide the chance to make this revolution without bloodshed and destruction of nature with financial education.

BitCoin is the game changer, “the disrupter ‘it is the first virtual money and has grown thanks to a group of technologically skilled revolutionaries who believed in this alternative, this new approach of” money “.

But to create a global, transparent, secure tool of payment which is not volatile, that is easy to use and where anyone can access it (also not technologically educated people) is OneCoin today the answer.

Today, the vision for a new world currency for and by the people of founder Dr.Ruja Ignatova, a lauded economist and doctor of law, gives a revolutionary opportunity can offer the life of many a better future.

A solution in a world of unlimited money creation (currently around EUR 80 billion per month in Europe!) that is ruled by a corrupt elite, where their policy, causes inflation and misery and that could cause very likely  more misery by hyperinflation.

People can now pull the power for itself through financial education, to give the next generation a world with more freedoms without irredeemable debts!

A limited virtual currency ‘120,000,000 OneCoins’ build up by people from their home. It’s like gold, but virtually mined gold. With the latest technology, the fastest block chain and financial resources, OneLife has everything to implement this master plan. There are around 650 cryptocurrencies on the market, but they all operate primarily as investment money and therefore very volatile. To date, no crypto currency has managed to increase the usability and content to bring the coin to the people, lack of vision and education is the cause. OneLife will change this, there is a vision of education, and they are building a strong network for the payment of goods and services with their own application builder, a quick and easy process so that it will attract additional customers in the OneLife story. It’s a win win situation for those who want to build this sustainable revolution. A revolution that obviously can not be won without persevere focus, 650 other players in the market who want to be the biggest and the banks do not want to lose their power without a fight . Much opposition and misinformation is then also available on the Internet.

With over 2.8 million members OneLife has become a success and every day thousands of people learn about this unique opportunity.

The network is strong, growing every day and the vision gets in around  200 countries recognition. OneCoin is ready to meet any possible new regulation regarding cryptocurrencies with the ‘know your customer’ implementation. Only closing the Internet can make this success granted. But why would that happen or what might cause such a disaster?

The three ethical permaculture principles where we care for the earth, the people and share fair is reflected in this OneLife story. For a sustainable future on Earth, a new financial approach is needed globally, educate people financially to improve their standard of living.  Thanks to the OneWorldFoundation small businesses for orphan children, poor children and people with disabilities can now get a chance at a better life.

We are the Semilla Besada OneLife Team where a better future is formed and we work with the OneDreamTeam.

Semilla Besada is a non-profit body, in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada to restore eroded and overgrazed nature. We are from Belgium and we are fully aware of the environmental problems in the world. In different languages, we will provide education in permaculture for a freer and healthier lifestyle. This is possible by observing with passion  the power of nature. A life dream  that OneLife will help fulfill us. We are one, we’re all connected by an invisible network of love. Fear removes our life purpose.

Today we promote OneCoin that is enabling us to achieve a further step towards unity. Education in finance can be your step, we invite you to join this opportunity, do it for yourself, your family, your friends and the people.

Dare to dream of a better world as our ancestors dreamed of a better world when they fought for freedom and justice. Let your voice be heard by protecting your financial freedom and improve, aspire a world with more freedom and no debts for the children of tomorrow.

OneLife, OneAcademy, OneWorldFoundation and OneCoin are the possibilities today for a world with more freedom and love in our near future! It will happen if we want it to happen!

Hello permaculture world!


We are Bastian & Inge, the owners of permaculture research farm Semilla Besada.

In 2011 we took on a beautiful, off-grid, permaculture farm which had been started in 1999. It’s located in the high mountains of the Spanish Sierra Nevada, in the Alpujarras, at 1350m above sea level. After four years of working hard and learning a lot, we believe it is time to become a fully-functional, educational, permaculture center.

Our goal is to integrate the land, resources, people and the environment through mutually beneficial synergies. It is our intention to give people the opportunity to learn the real permaculture practices, sharing good food fresh springwater in an abundant environment.

To reach our goals we decided to restore and improve the existing infrastructure:

improving water catchment from the roofs
adding insulation
fitting new windows
building a bigger kitchen
installing a library
creating large dining and teaching rooms
building a new bathroom
installing a new off-grid solar-wind system with battery bank
making a greywater filter system
adding new foundations to the terrace
building a large gabion in front of the house to avoid further movement of the house
making a dormitory for 10 people
installing solar heating

By searching for financial ways to fund our project we discovered:


This new approach for banking the 2 billion unbanked in the world fits in the permaculture principles where we stand for.

The OneLife vision is to provide alternative payment solutions and equal access to financial education to people worldwide.

OneLife Network makes financial transactions and trade safer, easier, and available to everyone on the web. Our ecosystem of virtual tools and services holds the potential to open new economic markets for cross border trade and to stimulate economic growth.

The Semilla Besada is still shaping the future for the better!               The OneLife core values reflects strength and future ambitions.           By joining the OneLife Network business model that is based on a direct sales concept, in which members can profit by referring and selling educational packages about cryptocurrency and financial management we can make our dream project of the non-profit association Semilla Besada real.  Now we will be able to educate people about permaculture and the future of payments.



Billions in Change

This is a documentary about real investigation and research. Techniques that could change the world from it’s present state of degradation into a healthy peaceful and balanced nature.

These solutions will make our present “ruling madness” driven by power, corruption and greed, completely obsolete and powerless.

New management in a 3D mindset is the new way to think and design economy. The new mind-blowing and simple designs will replace our destructive and inefficient way of living into a caring abundant and healing society, which provides the basic needs for any person on this planet without depleting our resources.

New designs are made by passionate persons not necessarily by the amount of the salary nor the number of diplomas. Solutions that create liberty and health for every human on this planet , do exist NOW !!!


Foreign Lizard spotted at Semilla Besada

This lizard “Gallotia Galloti“, has its habitat on the Canary Islands according to wikipedia. It was spotted multiple times at Semilla Besada.

We’ve noticed little ones as well. The food forest probably provides a good habitat. This one came probably by boat.

Lizard Gallotia Galloti
Lizard Galloti Gallotina posing at Semilla Besada

Newcomers at Semilla Besada

Recently our neighbour Sarah from Caballo Blanco provided us five new geese!  Now they will help to graze (six geese + one gander = grazing of one cow!) , fertilize the land, provide eggs and meat!  They love their pond, in the summer heat it’s rare to see them out of it!


Permaculture Research Farm