Passive House building techniques are an important part of the ongoing efforts to solve the energy crisis. Conventional buildings consume more energy than any other sector, accounting for approximately 75% of energy produced and nearly half of the CO2 emissions.

Passive house building techniques offer a simple and elegant way to reduce our impact on nature. Again we add instead of taking. Today different techniques of passive design have already proven their effectiveness all around the world. Implementing permaculture design technology, including high efficiency heating-cooling systems, smart interior design, thermal mass design, water purification devices, natural insulation, perfect orientation, and many other knowledge, is very urgent. We can save up to 90% of energy needed to operate the building and create a comfortable, healthy and pleasant lifestyle.

Beginning 2019 we will start a new project to build two dormitories with the architect of eco-dome.

Zero carbon houses are reality, it’s just a matter of goodwill from the authorities, whom are currently generating a lot of tax-money from most complete dependent houses. Taxing sustainable solutions, like it is proposed now by some actual politicians, will not change the style of contemporary inappropriate building. On the contrary, unsustainable and bad new constructions should be fined.

Luckily the petrol-dollar “economy” is getting less and less impact on a complete new (r)evolution of intelligent design, developing a parallel economy based on common sense, care for earth and care for people. Smart constructions for different climates are also one of the basic principles in the permaculture  design techniques.

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